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Coach Sasha

As a certified Relationship Life Coach,  Coach Sasha works with women to help them overcome debilitating fears in regards to vulnerability, communication and effective comprehension whether in their personal or professional life or in a business and career setting.


Having endured many trials in life that left Sasha broken, confused, angry, hurt and lonely, she taught herself how to alter her mindset of the situations to see the roles in which she played and redirect her view of the situations. This allowed her to operate in her true purpose and gain clarity and intention over her life which has led to the forming healthy relationships in life and business. She has dedicated herself to helping other women do the same. 

Whether it is a one-on-one coaching session, group session or a speaking engagement, Sasha is committed to helping women develop their Relational Mindset.

Relationship Recovery Packages

Purpose Package 1 $250 "Intro to Coaching"

This is a 3-week program specifically designed to help you understand the benefits of an investment in a life coach.  During this time we will also identify your reason and formulate and a 30-Day Action Plan.


30 Day Action Plan

4 Individual 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Strategic Homework



Purpose Package 2 $475 "Elevation and Position"

Highly recommended package. This carefully crafted package is for the person who is ready to break down and identify your purpose, asses your current position, uncover your why and develop your purpose stance.


45 Day Action Plan

4 Individual 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Strategic Homework

2 Video Chats

Purpose Assessment

Virtual Assistance



Purpose Package 3 $750 "Determination and Discipline"

For those who seek a longer more in-depth and hands-on coaching commitment with recurring and intense support.


60 Day Action Plan

8 Individual 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

Strategic Homework

4 Video Chats

Purpose Assessment

Virtual Assistance

Goal Setting Plan

Weekly Check-Ins




90 Minute Discovery Session $125

During this intense 90- Minute Session we will identify the issues within your personal and professional life that is causing you to remain planted in your current situation.  Once we uncover the issue we will take action steps to move you forward.





"I just want to thank Sasha Alveta (Heart to Heart Consulting LLCPurposeful Living with Life Coach Sasha she has been encouraging me before she even had the titles and the business and I’m grateful that some of the things she’s said has finally started to click and I’m on a NEW JOURNEY! Y’all better check her out! She truly does everything from her heart and you ONLY get the authentic TRUTH! I love her and appreciate her ❤️❤️❤️"

Devona Myrick
Founder/CEO Precious G.E.M.S Inc.